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What is Financial Optimization?

Traditionally, financial optimization has been applied in the corporate context, to increase efficiencies in processes, accounting, etc. with the overall goal of maximizing profit. Life Streamliner has found that the same principles can just as easily be applied to the financial affairs of individuals. By working with its clients to identify aspects of income (amounts, sources, etc.) and increase them, while at the same time identifying expenses (fixed vs. variable, necessary amounts, etc.) and decreasing them, Life Streamliner guides its clients through the process of ‘decluttering’ their financial lives; the net result is an efficient, streamlined approach that ensures that financial and other resources are dedicated to the things that matter to the client most.

Why Financial  Optimization Is Important

More often than not, people are trading the best part of their days in exchange for the ability to have the resources to travel, eat, live, be entertained, etc; i.e. people sell their time for money in some form or another. The sad part is that in many instances, these people are spending their time doing things they don’t enjoy at all – simply to be able to live. It is in this area that financial optimization can really add value. By potentially increasing income, decreasing expenses, or both, people can use less money to get what they are currently getting, while also having more money to use overall. Financial optimization ensures that your money is being used in the most efficient way possible, with the goal of getting more money and keeping more money in your pocket, without sacrificing your lifestyle. 






Who can benefit from Financial Optimization?

Virtually everyone can benefit from financial optimization, given the broad applications of its general principles. If you make income (employment, self-employed, contractor etc.) an opportunity to increase income exists. If you have a monthly mobile phone bill, a utilities account, cable TV, internet, a mortgage, a car loan etc. an opportunity to save money while getting the same service, or paying the same money while getting a higher level of service exists. With the right guidance, attitude and motivation, almost everyone can gain something valuable by working with Life Streamliner to optimize their financial lives.









Life Streamliner excels at working with people to carefully scrutinize their financial profile (income, expenses, goals, priorities, etc.), ensure that they are getting the exact good or service that they want (for the best price), and maximizing their income to the greatest extent possible. As part of the optimization process, Life Streamliner shows you the solution, explains the process, and provides examples and opportunities for you to practice applying the skills comprising the process. Life Streamliner strives to not only provide you with immediate relief, but also to teach you to be able to confidently handle similar situations in the future, successfully apply the skills learned in different situations, and even demonstrate the application of the skills for family and friends to benefit from.

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